The 5-Minute Backlog

Some previous blog posts have discussed the importance of a clear backlog for the development of effective business value on your software (or other) project. Constructing a backlog can be a time-consuming and at times overwhelming process. As a result, some teams (especially those less familiar with software development practices) struggle with getting started. However, [...]

Are you collecting “How” and “Why” at the register?

When I speak to retailers one thing that strikes me over and over is the limited perspective on the value of their POS system. The answers I get tend to focus on the who, what and when. What was purchased. When. At what price. At what profit or margin. This is, of course, the core [...]

Prioritizing “Business Value” for your Systems

As I discussed in the recent Building up your store POS System: The Agile Approach post, the small deliverable chunks of an agile backlog are ordered, and for the most part executed, by the concept of "Business Value". So it seems time to share the secret recipe for "business value". Are you ready?... There isn't one. [...]